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Tom Sizemore surrenders to LA court

  People in the News  -   POSTED: 2007/06/07 13:47

Paris Hilton isn't the only celebrity who turned themselves in this week. Tom Sizemore, an actor who was once at the top of his game before drugs took over his life, finds himself back behind bars today after surrendering yesterday to a Los Angeles courtroom for an alleged probation violation after he was found with methamphetamines in his car in a hotel parking lot last May. Jane Robison, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office confirmed that Tom Sizemore turned himself in yesterday and was handcuffed by the bailiff and immediately taken into custody.

According to E!, Tom Sizemore, who had a bodyguard by his side, walked into the Airport Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday as a flock of paparazzi and reporters awaited his arrival. Tom Sizemore stopped only briefly to tell ABC7 that the methamphetamine incident that has gotten him into so much trouble was only a relapse. On May 22nd, Tom Sizemore pleaded guilty to five felony counts of transportation of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and three counts of possessing a controlled substance without the proper prescriptions. The charges and the probation violation could land Tom Sizemore in jail for up to six years.

Tom Sizemore was remanded to custody without bail pending the outcome of a June 19th hearing by Judge Cynthia Ravis, but the attorney for the Black Hawk Down star has requested a new judge in the case. On June 19th it will be determined if the probation for Tom Sizemore had been revoked and, if so, then Tom will start doing a possible 16 months in jail. The next hearing for Tom Sizemore with the new charges facing him is schedule for the day before, June 18th. It could be a very bad June for Sizemore.

On May 8th, Tom Sizemore, who was still on probation for a drug conviction, was arrested along with another actor after allegedly threatening to beat up a hotel clerk. Tom Sizemore and Jason Salcedo attempted to check into the Four Points Sheraton Hotel that morning to work on a locally shot independent film. They got into an argument with the staff around 7:30am, according to Bakersfield Police Detective Greg Terry, as told to E!

When the reservation supposedly made by Jason Salcedo couldn't be found, the actor allegedly challenged the hotel clerk to a fight. Another staff member called the police and when they arrived Jason Salcedo and Tom Sizemore were sitting in their car with a stash of illegal drugs and smoking pipes. Terry also said that Tom Sizemore appeared to be under the influence of something.

In October of 2004, Tom Sizemore really started to throw his once promising career away and was convicted of methamphetamine possession. Tom Sizemore was given probation and that was revoked when the actor was caught faking a drug test and failed to submit to court-mandated drug tests.

Tom Sizemore went to jail the next time he violated his probation in January 2006 for testing positive for drugs. He served 90 days in a residential rehab facility and vowed to clean up his act and submit to weekly drug tests, a battle that was chronicled for the VH1 reality series, Shooting Sizemore in March. All of this is on top of the fact that Tom Sizemore is still on bail and awaiting an appeal in the conviction for beating up his former girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss.

Tom Sizemore was once one of the most wanted character actors in Hollywood. He has appeared in Born on the Fourth of July, Blue Steel, Point Break, True Romance, Striking Distance, Wyatt Earp, Natural Born Killers, Devil in a Blue Dress, Strange Days, Heat, The Relic, Saving Private Ryan, Enemy of the State, Bringing Out the Dead, Red Planet, Pearl Harbor, and Black Hawk Down. The last few years have been rough for Tom Sizemore, appearing in more and more straight-to-video work, as his drug problems have made it hard for him to get major roles.

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